Dropshipping, the triangle that facilitates your business

Discover the possibilities of dropshipping

The triangle

The triangle? I had not considered it. Of course, Renato Zero was referring to something else, but the metaphor fits perfectly with what I'm about to tell you. A valuable triangle, that of dropshipping. Do you know what it is? It is a new business model that is becoming more and more popular and plays on three pins: customer, seller and supplier.

Where the news would be, you will wonder. The novelty lies in the fact that the seller (the one who focuses on e-commerce) does not need the material availability of the goods, his warehouse is virtual, he can draw anywhere and only needs a good sales strategy and customer loyalty. customers. And where do the suppliers find them? On the Web.

DropShipping One

You will not have to lose whole days on Google, you just need to click on dropshipping.one and a world of possibilities will open up. Dropshipping.one is a portal that offers a range of services for both sellers and producers / suppliers. The primary one is the meeting without intermediation between those who want to sell and those who have the goods.

Dropshipping.one offers suppliers the ability to ship orders received directly to end customers by receiving simultaneous payment. The strength of the site is the list of suppliers that can be consulted by sellers who decide to subscribe.

The purpose? To make it easy. Dropshipping.one is doing it very well.