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It is a blog created to inform and train all those who are interested in starting an activity in dropshipping on the internet.

You have decided to use a budget to sell products through Amazon or eBay. It seems like a good idea and it could make you earn a nice nest egg. Very well. How to move? will clarify your ideas on countless technical aspects and not related to the profitable dropship formula.


  • Which supplier to trust?

    The blog will tell you which are the most reliable platforms to easily identify the most serious dropshipping suppliers.

  • What are the disadvantages of dropshipping?

    Periodically published posts will examine in detail what the pros and cons of this business model are and what solutions to adopt to effectively address them.

  • Are there only Chinese suppliers?

    No, there are also european and american suppliers who are converting to dropshipping, fully exploiting the potential of this sales method. One of the points in favor of dropship is linked to the possibility offered to producers / distributors to be able to increase their sales network at no cost.

These are just examples of questions that you will answer thanks to

The topics to be addressed are many and complex, it is a business that requires constant commitment and attention, which is why knowledge becomes an indispensable element for dealing with the problems connected to it. is a real guide to dropshipping, it will clarify any of your doubts about the online activity that you are going to launch.